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The Great Show

The Great Show

The Great Show

4 Rules for a Great Show
4 Rules for a Great Show
Field hockey is a spectacular sport, with a technical nature and fast pace, thanks to the evolution of its rules.


field players in each team… players can get in and out of the game as needed! Unlike other sports, when a player gets out of the field they can get back in as many times as needed. This rule is often used to allow 5 to 6 minutes rotations, the player can get off the pitch to rest and get back in the game when ready.


a foul or the ball leaves play, or if the game is stopped and the ball cannot be played, a popular action is to perform an aerial. They will throw the ball high enough -not to be dangerous for other players- to get to the otherside of the field. A technical shot that offers a spectacular style to the game.


hockey games (as it is played today) have become faster thanks to a specific rule: “self-pass”. After a foul or the ball leaves play, the player can go quickly with the ball, all alone: they can take a pass to “themself”. In conclusion: a quick gameplay.

Lucy Blue
A specific and an exciting action in a game: the penalty corner. When a fault is made in the circle, the attacking team has to go to the backline, 10 meters from the goal. A playerpasses the ball to one of theirteammates outside the circle. This player will shoot or play the ball with their teammates as they have a great forward position, in the circle area while four defenders and the goalkeeper from the other team try to stop them!

Lucy Blue - Field Hockey
Field Hockey
Field Hockey


4 basic rules to understand Field hockey: simple, efficient, visual...
  • 11 against 11 (10 field players and 1 in goal)
  • Each game lasts 40 to 70 minutes depending on age groups (4 x 15 minutes for international games)
  • Use only the flat part of the stick to play
  • Any part of the body above the knees for outfielders can be considered dangerous
Field specific features:
  • 91,40 meters long / 55 meters wide.
  • Smaller than a soccer goal, bigger than in handball.
  • Normally synthetic turf, short and well watered (the ball runs truer).
  • Specific part: the circle.
  • Half-circle of 16 m radius in front of the goal.
  • To score the attacking team must touch the ball inside the circle before hand with the flat side of their stick.