The reason why we take action
While we stand all together and in solidarity with each other to resist an unprecedented virus, sport remains the activity that takes good care of our health, and therefore more than ever, of others...

We would like to call to mind the very close link - scientifically proven - between health and sport.

Because sport is the best way to stay healthy. And to be optimistic and confident.

Even today, sport remains within everyone's reach.

Everyone can practice sport following the compulsory measures set up by the government - Decathlon agrees totally to those decisions.

Sport strengthens our immunity and self endurance. You can think about sport as a solution.

There are many scientific evidences. Sport "helps balance our immune system" says Professor Daniel Camus, member of the emerging and infectious diseases's commission, from the Institut Pasteur of Lille. Therefore, it is important to keep practising a physical activity. It could easily be at home where stretching exercises can be done".

A physical activity is the best way to strengthen our body. Sport brings also some "benefits to our digesting system : the elimination of our natural wastes prepares our organism to be stronger and fight better infections" confirms Professor Camus.

Sport increases our resistance because everywhere, against the feeling of gloominess, some initiatives are created and bloom, from people, institutions, countries and cities, clubs and non profit organizations, brands and companies... Decathlon, will go along with those energising and clarifying initiatives, with the agreement and help of local actors and companies. In every city, in every country, Decathlon and its partners will carry on encouraging sport for all.

Sport makes us stronger in our private life and collectively. Sport means self care, good health, the ability to resist. By increasing our immune system, sport also intensifies our level of humanity.

Today as always, sport brings back energy, a smile and serenity. Sport is with us because it is linked to our lives, and to life itself.

For all those reasons, We, at Decathlon, are proud to take action. Taking good care of you, taking good care of others, together let's live sport.

Declaration signed by the 94 000 Decathlon United's Teammates

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