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We're often asked the following question by those who look in on us from the outside: “What and who, exactly, is Decathlon?" We’ll try to keep the answer simple.
Decathlon United are now 96,002 employees worldwide.
As we are a team, we call these employees our teammates.

It's important to say first of all that, as humans, we are not perfect; we have our limitations, our fears and our contradictions. We recognise this. Being aware of our failings means we're able to push ahead and restore balances that are still somewhat fragile.

Here are three of many examples that explain it in a bit more detail: we’ve got a long way to go in terms of equality; there are far fewer women than men in leadership roles. Our negative environmental impact (production, logistics, transport, etc.) is still far too high. We also need to do better when it comes to inclusivity: we have fewer teammates from the most disadvantaged backgrounds and more who’ve had educational opportunities.

Also, for a long time we've been unable to talk to those who approached us. The question was clear: “Who are you, Decathlon, when it comes down to it?”, but we seemed silent in terms of our position on this. We were being arrogant? The mission being spearheaded by us 96,002 (and soon to be 100,000 – and this figure can be multiplied by 100,000, and even 100 million - i.e. our number of users) should be stated and restated: “To make sport, its benefits and its importance for wellbeing, accessible to as many people as possible.”

As we recognise who we are – both rich and vulnerable at the same time - why not show it as it has been since that day in 1976 when 7 people who were passionate about sport teamed up to help Michel Leclercq open the first ever store in the Lille region (in Englos, to be precise) in northern France? They only opened this new store in the afternoon so they could do sport in the morning. They knew how to combine the art of achieving their dreams with a unique way of doing so.

We are uncontestably unique, in terms of our philosophy of making sport accessible to as many people as possible. Is there any other company that, on a universal scale, aims to design products, develop services, empower employees through management and grow its own premises in such a way as to introduce and share the benefits to mind, health and wellbeing offered by sport and its related activities?

The way we recruit is also unique. All we require from prospective candidates, from Chile to Israel, and from Lithuania to South Africa, is a degree. A degree is more than just expertise - it's having people skills. Being passionate about sport and about others. This dual commitment contains our four intangible qualities: vitality, responsibility, sincerity and generosity.

Our management style also makes us unique. Everyone at Decathlon is asked to come up with their own personal project, so they can make it happen. We tell them to: “write and star in" their own career. This means that all teammates – based on their own particular skills (which we continuously push them to develop and broaden) - undertake a project that is important to them, in a specific "play area” that then becomes their “Me area". A successful project and personal development requires the skills of other people: clustering knowledge so as to increase capacity. An ability to do. An ability to achieve. An ability to share. An ability to help (one another). These are the ways that make everyone a Leader, Free and Responsible, and - at the same time – create an open, innovative and inclusive Platform.

Lastly, we are unique in that we know we are human - in both our awareness and our confidence. We believe that the sum of our personalities creates an infinite line. A circle that never ceases to expand and flourish over time. We live for others, working on project themes that also give us room to express ourselves. In this team game, we each have a mission to carry out that is similar to being positioned in an agile, compact and inventive formation. “I Am One and I Am Everything, as We Are One and We Are Everything". This is what makes us different. This is our uniqueness: our unicity in a rich, meaningful diversity.

And that's how we like to play and live. United.

The 96,002 teammates of Decathlon United

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We also believe that while territories of responsibility exist, geographic and physical boundaries are no longer present. Therefore, our role is to highlight the actions carried out by the Brand that is Decathlon. These actions are taking place everywhere in the world, and our mission is to present them in the most realistic way possible, but optimistically too.

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