Key figures



Net sales 15.4 billion euros*

Growth +12%*

Net result 923 million euros*

Digital sales share 17%

Number of countries 72 (59 retail, 3 production only, 10 franchise)

Number of stores 1,751

* Financial performance includes the impact of the suspension of our stores and eCommerce website operations in Russia, as announced on March 29th, 2022.


% of Decathlon footwear and textile products displaying their carbon footprint 60.34%

% of renewable sources of electricity consumed by stores and warehouses worldwide 86.1%

Number of awareness actions around Sustainable development 1,453

Number of people engaged in awareness actions linked to Sustainable development 45,000

World Cleanup Day participants and events 20,000 in 560 events

Tons of waste collected by Decathlon teammates in cleanup events 50 tons

Number of repair workshops 1,636

Number of products repaired 2.3 million

Countries with a second-hand offering 44


Number of Teammates 105,000

Number of teammates having shares in the Group Almost 55,000

Number of new projects supported by the Decathlon Foundation 66

Number of countries with new projects supported by the Decathlon Foundation 23

Number of people benefitting from the projects supported by the Decathlon Foundation 47,000