Welcome in the new Tribord Sailing Lab of La Rochelle

Sailing Lab

Tribord settles
in La Rochelle

Press kit September 30, 2021

Why La Rochelle? It's the largest yachting port on the Atlantic coast, so it made sense to be as close as possible to the people who use boats to understand their needs and design the best possible products together. Please have a read of this report to discover the Tribord story and what inspired us to make this big change.

Guénolé Havard / Directeur Tribord

Guénolé Havard

Tribord Director

Tribord Sailing Lab, La Rochelle

A unique place

What is the Sailing lab?

  • Réfléchir, dessiner et concevoir les prototypes de demain !

    Thinking, drawing and designing the prototypes of tomorrow!

  • Un lieu favorisant l'échange, les rencontres, l'inspiration

    A place to exchange ideas, meet people, to be inspired

  • Un lieu dédié à la co-conception

    A place dedicated to co-design

  • Un lieu proposant des actualités sur la pratique de la voile

    A place offering news about sailing

  • Un lieu apportant des solutions pour faciliter la pratique

    A place providing solutions to make sailing easier

  • 3 000
  • 40 employees
  • 15 000 people expected in 2021