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  • 17/11/2021

    Decathlon Channel Crossing

    The recent increase in crossing attempts led our teams from Decathlon Calais, Grande-Synthe, Le Touquet Paris Plage and Boulogne sur Mer (all in North France) to suspend sale of products that could be used to cross the Channel rather than for their intended sporting application.
    In consultation with the teams we will indefinitely suspend sales of boats, kayaks in particular, which could endanger the lives of people using them for a crossing at these locations.
    The inflatable kayaks are compliant with the ISO 6185-1 standard, category IIIB (beach craft) and comply with French Division 240 regulations, sailing up to 300m from shelter.
    We are committed to never putting our customers at risk in the use of our products, whatever the circumstances.

  • Behind the scenes of Decathlon Innovation Centers Facilities


    Innovation Centers Decathlon

    Let's dive into some of the main Decathlon innovation facilities...

  • Cofidis x Van Rysel


    Cofidis x Van Rysel

    VAN RYSEL becomes official partner of the COFIDIS cycling team on performance textiles for two seasons.

  • Tribord Sailing Lab by Decathlon


    Tribord Sailing Lab by Decathlon

    Discover the Tribord Sailing Lab in La Rochelle, a unique place dedicated to sailing: prototyping, creation, co-design, meetings, inspiration, solutions to facilitate sailing, as close as possible to the places where people practice the sport.

  • Xavier-Rivoire


    It is with immense sadness and deep emotion that we regret to inform you of the sudden passing away of Xavier RIVOIRE, our Decathlon United Media Leader, on Sunday, September 5th.

    After a career that began with the sports journal ‘L’Equipe’, Xavier was an accomplished sportsman who joined Decathlon for the first time in 2012 as Media and Partnerships Manager. In 2018, Xavier decided to join France’s National Sport and Olympics Committee as Communications Director before returning to Decathlon once again.

    Highly appreciated by his teams, for many of us he was a friend whom we could trust, he was an inspiration. We will forever remember him as an endearing gentleman, a cultivated spirit, passionate for sport for which he expressed the benefits with great conviction and his unique talent. Xavier’s communicative enthusiasm and the profound human and sporting values that he carried will live on through us.

    On behalf of all Decathlon’s Teammates, we address our heartfelt condolences to his family, his loved ones, and his many friends.

    Benoît Marotte
    Marketing & Communication Leader

  • Decathlon OneBlueMonth newsletter



    New football presskit, OneBlueVideo with Olaian ambassador, new openings in Dubai, Koweit, and Noirmoutier, teasing of the Revel Innovation Decathlon,... let's enjoy the OneBlueMonth newsletter

  • Organic food


    Organic food

    A new range of organic food products at Decathlon Spain stores

  • Girls Power, Women Sport!


    Girls Power, Women Sport!

    Through sport, Aminata rose above all expectations. Thanks to the strength her father instilled in her and the pride in her mother's eyes, Aminata became a true inspiration to many women in Senegal. Here is the story of an ordinary woman with an extraordinary destiny.

  • Decathlon Becomes Official Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games


    Decathlon Becomes Official Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Games

    Decathlon becomes an Official Partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. From now on, the sports brand will be contributing its expertise for the benefit of the biggest sporting event in the world, as well as kitting out some 45,000 volunteers, the indispensable Games makers of the Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

    Since 1976, Decathlon has been partnering sportspeople in over 70 countries. There are more than 90,000 enthusiastic employees working daily to make sport accessible to everyone. The brand sells a huge range of innovative products and services that have seen it become the go-to name for sport in many households.

    See You In Paris!