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Sport Walking Press Kit

Sport Walking Press Kit

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Yohann Diniz:
Walking is in our Nature

In 2018, Yohann Diniz became the Race Walking World Champion (50 kilometers). He is a committed technical partner of Newfeel, Decathlon's fitness walking brand. Yohann explains why walking is essential to him and useful to us all.

Walking is my life, my friend, my partner. It is not a surprise, as it is my job. I became World champion in 2017, and broke the 50 kilometers world record (3 h 32 mn et 33 s). Walking is more than an exceptional performance.

Walking is inside us, it is an early instinct. It is our first step towards Liberty. Walking is the most natural sport, which helps us to get to basics. And better listen, connect to others, to oneself : While walking I feel a great well-being. Stress and anxiety disappear. During lockdowns, walking has become a great way to get rid of any kind of tension. Walking has become vital for millions of people. Everyone can enjoy it anytime.

You just need a good pair of comfortable shoes. Depending on your mood, your pace can be fast or slow, you just focus on your heart rate, your thoughts, you just feel the freedom growing inside.

If you are walking alone or with someone, it will always be a good choice. You can set yourself goals picking up your children from school or running errands. A physical activity is always essential, at any pace. Walking is certainly your best option. Its benefits are limitless. Walking helps to clear up your mind, to find your inner self.

During my training sessions in the mountains, I look for those strong sensations. To break habits, I think about different routes. I walk in a forest of pines, and get along a river.

The deep harmony with the surroundings gives me peace. Each time I go out, I have fun thinking about my carbon footprint which should be close to... zero.

Walking is the most natural way to practise sport! I do think it is true. I’d say: