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Football Press Kit

Football Press Kit

Football, a view from Earth

What if football was the centre of the world?
"The world after Covid", "The world tomorrow", "The Earth Tomorrow".... questions with concerns, and fears. We try to keep a clear-headed mind and stay positive. football unites us in spite of all the doubts, conflicts, and lack of understanding. Football is the spirit. The official size of a football field is a hundred meters long, and fifty meters wide. We can play football in a schoolyard, some place on the street, some part of a pavement, on the beach, in a damp and sloping meadow or in a classroom.
Football Lucy

Football is an excellent way of playing sport, as it is a universal sport: everyone has felt once in their life the pleasure to shoot a football at goal. By instinct. Whatever your age or background. Officially, a football weighs 430 grams and has a size of 70 cm (circumference). We can make a football with any materials like used rubber bands, balls of used papers, moss, rubber, or old tennis balls...

Whatever the football is made of, players will definitely have great pleasure playing football.This is how Diego feels playing futsal, he helps young people from Brazil to play and share their experience. So does Tifanny, the captain of the women's team in Douai, France. In Congo, Makam makes his father's dream come true. In France, Pierre (who lives in Lyon) redesigns shirts and forges links between clubs and nations. Our generous friends at Kipsta share their passion through Kipsta football kit. This passion is just like our passion, and your passion for football.

This file will show how football represents a universal language, through various stories of passionate sports women and sportsmen. Football is our key to escape our everyday life and feel free. It is a universal language we all share. A go-between human beings and the planet Earth, a way to make things better (at least for a while).