KIMJALA means LOTUS in Sanskrit, the traditional language of yoga.
In nature, the lotus flower remains deeply rooted while rising from the water to the sky.
In yoga, the lotus is an emblematic posture that brings inner strength, flexibility, concentration and vitality.

YOGA is the UNION of body and mind.
Much more than a sport, this way of life creates physical and mental balance. Yoga promotes harmony with oneself, with others and in connection with nature.

KIMJALY unites these two notions to become the brand of yoga products that is designed for yogis by yogis.
It signs our commitment to support the transformation of society through the union with our practitioners and with respect for our planet.

We unite and empower people through yoga

to the many

Yoga is a way of life. It is our mission to make this way of life accessible to the many by creating yoga products and services that are ecologically and ethically responsible, safe and easy-to-use. Because we believe each person, regardless of their stage of life, physical condition, place of practice or style of yoga should be able to benefit from yoga.


Our essential foam yoga block has been made over with our new signature.
The perfect support for your practice, and easy to transport from your home to the studio.


The grippiest mat of our collection has arrived with our new signature! Perfect grip that absorbs sweat for your dynamic yoga sessions. The lines will help keep you on the right track during your poses.

are we?

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