Amazing and innovative local initiatives, everywhere in the world...

In Italy, Sportacasa : a groundswell event

Italian sportswomen and sportsmen are amazing ! Decathlon Italy has launched #sportacasa (that means sport at home).

A nice opportunity to share good ideas with other sportspeople through social networks, to exercise and help each other with an extremely committed community :

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In Spain, Yomequedoencasa, a concrete initiative

#Yomequedoencasa : Spanish people carry on practising sports, from their home, but a fun, convenient and lively way.
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New stickers have been created, with appealing facts for all spanish sportspeople. « Have fun and add them to your stories : “sport mood”, “body positive” “gym time” or “modo fit on” ! »

In Australia, sport is an essential part of life

Decathlon Australia invites people to sweat at home with some easy to follow advises and well targeted products :

"We Have The Essentials !"

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In Egypt, from the dining room to the living room

Passionate egyptian sportspeople can’t get to their fitness club?

Decathlon Egypt has a solution and tell them : don’t change your sport routine.

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Sport Heros

No more Marathon de Paris ? No problem, you will still be able to run past the finish line !

You like being challenged ? Here is a serious one ! As the Paris half-marathon has been cancelled, SportHeros has launched the half-challenge 2.0 : a first ever challenge : a half-marathon 2.0
everyone could participate with the app Running Heroes. As a result 1 500 people registered 1h30 after we advertised for the challenge. 4 300 people attended the Half 2.0. 1 700 of those people were finishers, 50 % from Paris and 23 different foreign countries where represented (such as US, CA, BE). To celebrate this success, we have designed a tee-shirt « I still made it #2.0! » For the pleasure of all those who were part of this digital half-marathon !

Other similar challenges will be launched soon. Up with digital sport that makes us be proactive and ...finishers !

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