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  • 12/03/2024

    Today marks an incredibly important new chapter for Decathlon … as we share our new purpose, strategy and brand identity with the world. 

    Guided by our purpose, to Move People Through the Wonders of Sport, we aim to build a happier, healthier world. 

    Our new strategy is anchored to 3 key areas: improving customer experience, turbocharging sustainability, and modernising every aspect of our business. 

    Core to improving our customer experience was the introduction of a fresh brand identity, which we have launched today! It is energetic, motivational and aspirational… and includes a new logo that is deep-rooted in our history - we call it ‘the Orbit’. 

    I’m so excited to be sharing this with you all - it is the beginning of a new era for Decathlon!

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  • 12/03/2024

    Today is a new starting line for our company! We’ve been working on something wonderful and we’re excited to share our renewed brand identity, with a meaningful logo, an inspiring tagline and a bold new color palette including a new shade of blue.

    Decathlon was started in 1976 out of friendship between sports lovers who wanted everyone to enjoy the benefits and fun of being active. 
    Now, nearly 50 years later, we continue their legacy and this new chapter is a testament to our ambition to accelerate the positive impact Decathlon can have in the world. It’s a dedication to innovation, community and sustainability. It’s also a commitment to our North Star and our purpose to move people through the wonders of sport. 
    We live and breathe sports, that’s why we want to reimagine it. Always! 

    Check out our new brand online and in our stores and join us to put play back into sport - on the playground, on the court, or in nature. Ready to play? 

    #DecathlonFuture #MovingForward #Decathlon #ReadyToPlay

  • 08/03/2024

    Today, on International Women's Day, it's important to remember the efforts of all the men and women who worked tirelessly to create a fairer world.

    It's also a moment for us all to take a moment and reaffirm our own commitments to continuing these efforts going forward.

    The world has come a long way, even just in my lifetime, but there is still lots of work to be done. 

    My hope is that, by the time my children enter the working world, gender equity will be the status quo... not something that we have to fight for. 

    I'm really proud of Decathlon's efforts over the past year. We've built an Executive Team with gender parity and female representation amongst top management increased by 15%. 

    I'm also really grateful for all of the incredible women and men that I have met during my journey, who have inspired, motivated and supported me. 

    Together, we can build a fairer world for future generations.

    Decathlon I Irene Merino I International Women's Day 2024

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  • 08/03/2024

    Celebrating International Women's Day at Decathlon! 

    Today, on International Women's Day, we proudly stand with our incredible female employees who bring passion, dedication, and innovation to everything they do. At Decathlon, we value diversity and equality, striving for a workplace where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

    From the athletes who break records to the sustainability pioneers forging a greener future, our female colleagues inspire us every day. Together, they embody our north star - moving people through the wonders of sports.

    Here's to the women of Decathlon, making strides on and off the field.

    #InternationalWomensDay #InspireInclusion #DecathlonWomen #DEI

  • 26/02/2024

    This past Sunday, Méline Rollin our KIPRUN athlete set a new French record with a time of 2 hours, 24 minutes, and 12 seconds...

    At Decathlon, we are proud to co-creating products with athletes like Meline who consistently push the boundaries of excellence. It was great to see her at the KIPRUN headquarters, enjoying a good time with our teammates.

    Together, let's continue to push boundaries, break records, and move people through the wonders of sports. 

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  • 19/02/2024

    DECATHLON signs Sustainable Consumption pledge

  • 18/02/2024

    Discover the Van Rysel RCR Racer shoes in black - the pinnacle performance and style in cycling footwear!

  • 18/02/2024

    KIPRUN introduces the 42 HOUSE in Iten, Kenya – more than a training center, it's a home of champions, dreams, and positive change!

  • 18/02/2024

    Cheers to Conquering January!"