A co-branding collaboration between DECATHLON and Canterbury

DECATHLON and Canterbury have signed a co-branding agreement to run until the end of the next World Cup, to be held in Australia in 2027. 

Established and recognised in the rugby world, the New Zealand brand has been regularly equipping the best teams in the world since the 1990s. Canterbury products are recognised by players for their technical qualities, particularly in textiles. A credible sports brand, the 3-Kiwi brand also brings its own touch to outfield clothing. A multi-specialist sports brand and the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, DECATHLON also establishes itself as a designer of technical products for the practice of rugby. Capable of managing all stages of design, the French-born brand sets itself the objective of offering the most appropriate and efficient offer. Its desire is to move people through the wonders of sport, whether they start their sporting journey or are competing athletes.

The collaboration with Canterbury is a real opportunity for DECATHLON’s customers and users as it combines the notoriety & legitimacy of Canterbury with the technicality & accessibility of DECATHLON. 

In store from July 2024 

From next July, this collaboration will mean that co branded products will be available in the DECATHLON distribution network. “Canterbury by DECATHLON" balls, tees, helmets, protective underwear and mouthguards will be available in stores and on the web. Through this collaboration, and with these technically-advanced products, DECATHLON aims to satisfy the most demanding of regular players as well as the club market, while retaining the affordability that is part of its DNA.

As a designer and retailer of sporting goods, DECATHLON distributes rugby products in over 600 of its shops in Europe. This network is particularly dense in France (250 shops), Spain (120), Italy (100) and the UK (50). The products will also distributed outside Europe.

Decathlon x Canterbury

William Lanigan, DECATHLON Sports Leader Team Sports:

“We are delighted to associate DECATHLON with one of the most emblematic brands in Rugby. To combine the notoriety of Canterbury with excellent technical and accessible products is great news for rugby players all over the world. We are proud of this partnership and believe that it shall be good for the sport and mutually beneficial for both parties.”

Luke Doddrell, SVP Global Canterbury:

“We're thrilled to partner with DECATHLON; it's a game-changer for both our brands and, most importantly, for rugby fans and players. DECATHLON’s dedication to quality and accessibility aligns perfectly with our mission to serve the rugby community. This partnership is a testament to our shared commitment sports and we're excited about the positive impact it will have.”


A global multi-specialist sports brand catering for everyone from beginners to top athletes, DECATHLON is an innovative manufacturer of sporting goods for all skill levels. With 100,000 teammates and 1,700 stores worldwide, DECATHLON and its teams have been working ever since 1976 to fulfil an ongoing ambition : Move people through the wonders of sport, to help them be healthier and happier in a sustainable future.


Paul Savrimoothoo
SVP Sales UK