Press Release

The recent earthquakes that hit parts of Turkey and Syria devastated entire regions and left their populations in a catastrophic situation. Our thoughts go out to the victims, their families, the rescue teams involved, as well as our industrial partners, their teams, and all those affected.

Immediately after these terrible events, our priority has been to make sure our 2,400 teammates in Turkey were safe and to provide them all necessary support. On the ground, 3 of our 42 stores in the country have been seriously impacted. We remain in very close contact with our Turkish teammates, to ensure their safety, and to detect their most urgent needs.

Within the first 24 hours, our local teammates gathered and sent material (warm clothes and winter equipment), worth 1 million Euros, to immediately help affected populations.

In addition, DECATHLON has set up a solidarity fund of 1 million Euros managed by the King Baudouin Foundation. This fund will provide financial aid to NGOs that are actively involved to help and support affected populations.

DECATHLON’S 108,000 teammates worldwide will also have the possibility to participate to this fund.

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON, declares: “The disaster in Turkey and Syria impacts us all. In the coming hours and days, we will keep on mobilizing with NGOs, other companies, our products, and teammates around the world. In the midst of this crisis, let's stand together and unite in a sign of international friendship and solidarity.”

Media contact

Olivier PEDRO-JOSE - Global Head of Media and Public Relations