Press Release
September 12th, 2013

Earthquake Morocco

The people of Morocco have fallen victim to a devastating earthquake. Our thoughts go out to the victims, their families and all those affected by this disaster.

Decathlon’s first priority was to ensure that each of our 935 teammates, and their families, were safe. No Decathlon stores were impacted, but we remain on hand to support any of our teammates or partners in need.

Within hours of the earthquake striking, our local teams were mobilised to provide thousands of sleeping bags, tents and air mattresses directly to those in need.

Now, we have made a fund worth €1 million available to provide even more equipment locally, whilst also supporting local NGOs that are helping communities in the worst-affected areas.

Every Decathlon teammate globally will also have the opportunity to support this fund.

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON, said:

“The events that unfolded in Morocco have shocked and saddened us all. Decathlon will continue to mobilise through local NGOs to ensure that the communities most affected by this disaster receive as much support and equipment as possible. Now is a time for the world to come together in global solidarity.”


How are you organising the collection of donations?
In this exceptional situation, we decided to set up a centralised organisation to collect donations and materials.
This organisation has already proved its effectiveness during the earthquake in Turkey. It enables us to better identify resources and needs, and to respond to logistical issues in the field.

How can I help?
If you are a Decathlon Teammate, you can donate on this website. If you're not a Decathlon Teammate, you can contact the King Baudouin Foundation to offer your support directly.

Can we receive equipment for our own charity efforts?
We advise you to go through the King Baudouin Foundation, which will be the most efficient means of accessing aid. We have chosen to centralise our funding via reputable foundations.

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