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November 27, 2023


Teams will also ride with Van Rysel’s bikes, helmets and sunglasses.

Beginning January 1, 2024, DECATHLON has committed for five years to be the main co-namer of the AG2R LA MONDIALE’s three cycling teams:

  • The WorldTour team “DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE Team”, made up of 28 riders;
  • “DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE Development Team” made up of 10 riders;
  • “DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE U19 Team” made up of 15 riders.

Six new riders join the WorldTour team in 2024: Bruno Armirail, Sam Bennett, Dries De Bondt, Victor Lafay, Gianluca Pollefliets and Sander De Pestel.

VAN RYSEL, DECATHLON’s cycling brand, joins as the bike, helmet, and glasses equipment manufacturer.

The arrival of DECATHLON on January 1, 2024, for 5 years, marks a new chapter in the history of the AG2R LA MONDIALE cycling team, 32 years after its founding by Vincent Lavenu.

The AG2R LA MONDIALE Group has been the team's historic partner since 1997 and its shareholder since June 2022. This new partnership with DECATHLON will allow the team to take an important step towards achieving great victories beginning in the 2024 season.

The riders of the DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE teams will be able to count on the expertise and know-how of VAN RYSEL, the performance road bike brand of the DECATHLON group, which will equip them with bikes, helmets, and glasses.

This partnership demonstrates the desire of two large French companies, which share the same values of solidarity and community, to unite around an ambitious sporting project.
It is also an opportunity for DECATHLON to associate its name with a popular sport with recognised values of commitment, solidarity, and passion, and as a result to give as many people as possible the desire to start cycling.

DECATHLON and AG2R LA MONDIALE are united in this ambitious project to support three teams:

  • The WorldTour team “DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE TEAM” which aims to take as many victories as possible in major international races;
  • The Continental team “DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE Development Team”
  • The “DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE U19 Team” junior team.

The latter two are grouped together under the name “New Gen”. They form a training project which aims to detect and develop the champions of tomorrow.

Finally, Citroën becomes the official supplier of the team's cars/vehicles in 2024.


“This is a really big moment in DECATHLON's history. Since our creation in 1976, bikes have played a pivotal role in our evolution and growth. Millions of children around the world have learnt to ride their first bike with DECATHLON, and millions of adults use our bikes everyday, so to now be in a position where a WorldTour team will be competing on our bikes, under our name, is a huge source of pride. DECATHLON's mission is to MOVE PEOPLE THROUGH THE WONDERS OF SPORT, from the playground to the podium, and this partnership embodies exactly that.”

Bruno ANGLES, General Manager of AG2R LA MONDIALE:

“The entire AG2R LA MONDIALE Group is very proud to welcome DECATHLON as a partner beginning on January 1, 2024. We share with this company, also loved by the French, common values of community, solidarity, and living harmoniously together. We have been working for 26 years, as a historic sponsor and now a shareholder to support the team. We couldn't find a better partner than DECATHLON to continue doing this, and together achieve our ambitions of winning the biggest international races.”

Vincent LAVENU, Sports Manager of the team:

“I am delighted to be reunited with DECATHLON and to continue a great story that began between 2000 and 2007, dates during which this great company was the team’s bike sponsor. During that time, we won six victories in the Tour de France. This partnership between AG2R LA MONDIALE, whose loyalty and commitment have guaranteed the stability and longevity of the team, and DECATHLON, will challenge us and encourage us to set a new course. Our ambition is to seek great victories together at three levels of the international peloton: WorldTour, Continental, and junior.”

Nicolas PIERRON, Director of VAN RYSEL:

“Since its creation in 2019, VAN RYSEL, “made in Flanders”, has aspired to become a major brand in the professional peloton. Our engineers and designers set ultra-high standards to achieve ultra-performance. We are teaming up with experts (ONERA, SWISS SIDE) and professional riders, to arrive at the starting line with products ready to win. We are very proud to see our bikes, helmets, and glasses chosen by the AG2R LA MONDIALE teams, including the long-established team of the UCI WorldTour. We are excited and eager to start the season.”

DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE Team will be composed of 28 riders from eight different nationalities in 2024:

Bruno Armirail (FRA)
Sam Bennett (IRL)
Clément Berthet (FRA)
Franck Bonnamour (FRA)
Geoffrey Bouchard (FRA)
Benoît Cosnefroy (FRA)
Dries De Bondt (BEL)
Sander De Pestel (BEL)
Stan Dewulf (BEL)
Felix Gall (AUT)
Pierre Gautherat (FRA)
Dorian Godon (FRA)
Jaakko Hänninen (FIN)
Jordan Labrosse (FRA)
Victor Lafay (FRA)
Paul Lapeira (FRA)
Oliver Naesen (BEL)
Ben O’Connor (AUS)
Aurélien Paret-Peintre (FRA)
Valentin Paret-Peintre (FRA)
Nans Peters (FRA)
Gianluca Pollefliet (BEL)
Nicolas Prodhomme (FRA)
Valentin Retailleau (FRA)
Damien Touzé (FRA)
Bastien Tronchon (FRA)
Andrea Vendrame (ITA)
Lawrence Warbasse (USA)

DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE Development Team, will be made up of 10 riders including four different nationalities in 2024:

Léo Bisiaux (FRA)
Arthur Blaise (FRA)
Oscar Chamberlain (AUS)
Noa Isidore (FRA)
Antoine L’Hote (FRA)
Tom Donnenwirth (FRA)
Killian Verschuren (FRA)
Daniel Weis Nielsen (DEN)
Rasmus Pedersen (DEN)
Baptiste Veistroffer (FRA)

The DECATHLON AG2R LA MONDIALE U19 Team currently comprises 15 riders of seven nationalities:

Hugo Boucher (FRA)
Louic Boussemaere (BEL)
Louis Chaleil (FRA)
Marius Innhaug Dahl (NOR)
Rory Gravelle (WLS) (GBR)
Carter Guichard (NZL)
Valentin Martinet (FRA)
Braden Reitz (USA)
Ron Rooni (EST)
Xander Scheldeman (BEL)
Simon Schwartz (FRA)
Paul Seixas (FRA)
Aubin Sparfel (FRA)
David Thompson (USA)
Théophile Vassal (FRA)

The 2024 bikes:


Helmets 2024:

  • RCR
  • FCR
  • XCR

2024 glasses:

  • PERF 900
  • PERF 900 LIGHT

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DECATHLON is the world's largest sporting goods retailer, with more than 1,700 stores in more than 70 countries. Through its integrated business model, DECATHLON specializes in the creation and production of innovative sporting goods designed to delight and move people around the world through the joys of sport.

VAN RYSEL is DECATHLON’s road bike brand. Founded in 2019, it develops products dedicated to high performance cycling. Passionate about elite technology, the designers place their standards at the highest level to cater both to professional riders and amateur pelotons.


AG2R LA MONDIALE is a specialist in social protection and wealth management in France, insuring individuals, companies and industries, to protect health, secure assets and income, guard against life's accidents and prepare for retirement. The Group has over 15 million policyholders and supports 500,000 companies daily. With nearly 15,000 employees, AG2R LA MONDIALE is present throughout France and its overseas territories. With a governance structure based on parity and mutualism, the Group cultivates a unique social protection model that closely combines profitability, solidarity, and performance. As part of the AG2R Agirc-Arrco and AG2R Prévoyance social action programs, and more generally as part of its commitment to society, AG2R LA MONDIALE works daily to promote good aging, in line with the needs of individuals and local communities.

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