Decathlon launches DECATHLON PULSE to accelerate its impact and expand its global footprint

  • A fully-owned subsidiary of DECATHLON to explore new frontiers and drive additional long-term growth.   
  • An ambition to invest and partner with forward-thinking businesses and brands to accelerate and lead the change within the industry.
  • Franck Vigo appointed Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON PULSE, Barbara Martin Coppola, DECATHLON’s Global CEO, will serve as Chairwoman.

DECATHLON is launching DECATHLON PULSE, a fully-owned subsidiary dedicated to building new long-term growth engines, accelerating DECATHLON’s ambition to Move People Through the Wonders of Sport. 

In a sports and wellness market offering major growth opportunities, DECATHLON is determined to explore new ways to expand its footprint for the benefit of people, society at large and the planet.

An independent entity within the Group, DECATHLON PULSE will invest in innovative people and businesses that share its values and commitment. In line with DECATHLON’s global strategy, DECATHLON PULSE will fully complement the Group’s core activities by diversifying its ability to drive impact and lead the change.

3 levers of action to build additional long-term growth
DECATHLON PULSE will focus on 3 main levers

  • Build and scale ideas and concepts with strong potential to create standalone new businesses which will complement DECATHLON’s core activities and strengthen the Group’s value proposition.  
  • Invest as a shareholder in highly innovative companies that could change the sport ecosystem and accelerate the adoption of new sustainable business models. 
  • Acquire strong and forward-looking sports brands and sporting goods distributors that are changing the game by their revolutionising ideas and trailblazing business models.

Driving innovation and growth through strategic partnerships
For many years, DECATHLON has been investing in companies with the same intention: to have an impact on all stages of the sports ecosystem’s value chain. 

Since 2018, DECATHLON has invested close to 400 million euros in capitalistic partnerships, from investments in startups and small companies to the acquisition of majority stakes in premium pure players like AllTricks and Bergfreunde. 

DECATHLON PULSE, through its clear roadmap, independent management and dedicated teams, will accelerate this strategic movement, having the capability, means and agility to look beyond today’s changes and focus on long-term strategic growth.

Franck Vigo is appointed Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON PULSE. Barbara Martin Coppola, DECATHLON’s Global Chief Executive Officer will serve as its Chairwoman, ensuring the complementarity with DECATHLON’s core activities.

Barbara Martin Coppola, DECATHLON GLOBAL CEO and DECATHLON PULSE Chairwoman: “We are thrilled to launch DECATHLON PULSE. This marks a significant milestone in our journey to better serving the sporting needs of the customers of tomorrow. DECATHLON PULSE is a separate entity, but will be complementary to the DECATHLON as they work towards the same purpose to Move People Through the Wonders of Sport. DECATHLON PULSE will be dedicated to finding new growth levers and game-changing innovations in the sports market. I can’t wait to see what the team achieves in the future.”

Franck Vigo, DECATHLON PULSE CEO: “Today marks an exciting new journey for us as we launch DECATHLON PULSE, driven by a passion for sport and a singular vision to continuously enhance our impact on people's lives. We believe the best way to do so is to build long-term relationships with game-changing companies and people, in which we invest while maintaining their full autonomy to create a better sports industry.”


A global multi-specialist sports brand catering for everyone from beginners to top athletes, Decathlon is an innovative manufacturer of sporting goods for all skill levels. With 101,000 teammates and 1,750 stores worldwide, Decathlon and its teams have been working ever since 1976 to fulfill an ongoing ambition: Move people through the wonders of sport, to help them be healthier and happier in a sustainable future.

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DECATHLON Pulse is the investment arm and start up studio of DECATHLON, dedicated to building new long-term growth engines, accelerating DECATHLON’s ambition to Move people through the wonders of sport.
An independent entity within DECATHLON, DECATHLON PULSE builds, invests in and acquires forward-thinking companies that complement DECATHLON Group’s strategic ambitions and are shaping the global sports ecosystem. For the better.

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Global Head of Media & Public Relations

#Franck VIGO

Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON PULSE

Franck VIGO, Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON PULSE

Franck Vigo has been a key player in the global development of DECATHLON over the past 35 years, and a member of DECATHLON’s executive committee for more than 20 years. 

Franck began his career at DECATHLON in November 1989 as Section Manager. He then was appointed as Managing Director of DECATHLON France from 2003 to 2008, managing at the time 212 stores, 11 warehouses, 18,000 employees and an impressive turnover of 3 billion euros. 

In February 2008, Franck was appointed Interactive Hub Director of DECATHLON Group, where he managed several business units and e-commerce initiatives. He also served as Secretary General of DECATHLON from September 2014 to September 2019, working closely with the family Chairman and leading governance and strategic initiatives. 

Since 2022, he was DECATHLON Alliances and New Business’ Leader, focusing on capitalistic partnerships (VC and M&A) as well as internal exploration of new business models(which he had already developed since 2019). 

Franck is appointed CEO of DECATHLON PULSE as of July 2024. This fully-owned independent subsidiary aims at building new long-term growth engines and strengthening DECATHLON Group’s value proposition

Franck is also a member of the Board of Directors of Kiabi International and has held various senior finance and governance positions throughout his career.