Decathlon Group's 2023 Performance

Decathlon Group's 2023 Performance

2023 was a transformative year for DECATHLON as the company laid strong foundations for the future. DECATHLON achieved a robust economic performance and accelerated its actions towards people and the planet despite global uncertainties due to continuous high inflation, causing a slowdown in consumer spending, and geopolitical tensions.

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Executive Officer of DECATHLON, says: “In 2023, businesses around the world operated within unprecedented circumstances. At DECATHLON, we chose to use this moment to act and to transform. We laid many foundations for the future and I am pleased with the result that we achieved. This is a testament to the dedication and commitment of our teammates. 
I’m very proud of the strong reduction in our CO2 emissions, while maintaining revenue growth. This is an absolute priority for DECATHLON as part of our commitment to preserving our shared playground. 
In 2024, with our new ambition and fresh brand launched, we have set DECATHLON on a strong trajectory to build happier, healthier societies by Moving People Through the Wonders of Sport.


In 2023, DECATHLON pursued its growth, with revenue increasing by +4.4% compared to 2022 at a constant exchange rate. 
Adjusted for unfavourable exchange rates and the impact of the closure of DECATHLON’s commercial activities in Russia, revenue rose by +1.15%, at 15.6 billion euros. 

Digital sales accounted for 17.4% of the Group’s revenue (+0.7 point from 2022).  

The Group’s net result reached 931 million euros.


DECATHLON is working with its industrial partners to decarbonise processes and pave the way for new business models based on circularity and increased product life cycles. Across the product range, Decathlon is increasing product lifespans and enabling customers to reuse, repair and recycle their products.

The Group has built a decarbonization trajectory based on the Paris agreement and in line with the Net Zero standard. DECATHLON’s decarbonization targets are (scopes 1, 2 & 3): 

  • -20% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions in 2026 (compared to 2021). 
  • -42% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions in 2030 (compared to 2021).
  • Net Zero by 2050.

For the second year in a row DECATHLON decreased its absolute CO2 emissions (scopes 1, 2 & 3) by a sharp -10%, compared to -2% in 2022. 

In addition, 39% of products sold benefited from an ecodesigned approach (23% in 2022).

Last year, circular sales accounted for 420 million euros, representing a strong increase of +27% compared to 2022. 


Our purpose, "Move people through the wonders of sport", drives us to democratise sports globally, celebrating each teammate's unique contributions.

Diversity, equality and inclusion are at the heart of DECATHLON, striving to build a culture with a deep sense of connection and belonging, leading to innovation and performance at all levels.

In 2023, 93% of DECATHLON’s teammates felt proud to be working for the company.

Through its retail and production activities, Decathlon has a presence in 78 territories globally, and has a workforce of nearly 101,000 teammates, representing 86 nationalities.

DECATHLON is building and strengthening communities such as women in leadership and associated programmes, forging external partnerships with DEI experts. In 2023, DECATHLON received several industry recognitions including a 10th place in Forbes’ Retail & Wholesale category for the world’s “Best employer for Women”.


In March 2024, Decathlon revealed to the world its new purpose, to “Move People Through the Wonders of Sport”, and the strategy behind this bold new ambition to bring innovative and sustainable sports to everyone. 

Anchored to this purpose, the ambitious global strategy encompasses an enhanced and immersive customer experience, a strong commitment to sustainability and an overall modernisation of the company.

As part of this evolution, the Group also unveiled its new brand, which includes a dynamic and forward-looking identity, and introduces a logo.


(December 31st, 2023)


  • Net sales = 15.6 billion euros
  • Net result = 931 million euros
  • Digital sales share (ecommerce, connected orders in stores, external marketplace) = 17.4%
  • Global presence = 78 territories 
  • Number of stores = 1,749
  • Number of products sold = 1.19 billion


  • Absolute carbon emissions = -10%
  • Circular sales = 420 million euros
  • Number of second-hand products sold = 1.02 million
  • Countries with a second-hand offering = 43
  • Number of repair workshops = 1,712
  • Number of products repaired = 2.78 million
  • Number of awareness actions around Sustainable development = 1,420
  • Number of people engaged in events linked to Sustainable development = 95,000
  • % of electricity from renewable sources consumed = 86.2%


  • Number of Teammates = 101,000
  • Ratio women/men teammates = 46.1% women - 53.9% men
  • Nationalities = 86
  • % of employees proud to work at Decathlon = 93%
  • Number of teammates having shares in the Group = 56,119
  • % of teammates having shares in the Group = 56%
  • Number of new projects supported by the Decathlon Foundation = 118
  • Number of people benefiting from the projects supported by the Decathlon Foundation = 45,000
  • Number of countries with new projects supported by the Decathlon Foundation = 22

*Non-financial figures are being audited and will be presented in DECATHLON’s Non-Financial Reporting Declaration.


A global multi-specialist sports brand catering for everyone from beginners to top athletes, Decathlon is an innovative manufacturer of sporting goods for all skill levels. With 101,000 teammates and 1,750 stores worldwide, Decathlon and its teams have been working ever since 1976 to fulfil an ongoing ambition: Move people through the wonders of sport, to help them be healthier and happier in a sustainable future.

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