Press Release
December 4th, 2023

DECATHLON becomes one of the world's first companies to issue Climate Dividends

DECATHLON is proud to be among the pioneers who participated in the 1st phase of the Climate Dividends pilot.
Our claim of 1.07 million tonnes of CO2 avoided thanks to our active mobility products (bicycle and scooters) and based on a methodology compliant with the Climate Dividends protocol has been verified by Mazars.

What are Climate Dividends (CDs) ?

They are the mirror of financial dividends for climate:

  • Extra financial indicator corresponding to the positive climate value generated by an activity that can be awarded by the shareholders of the company delivering this activity
  • 1 Climate Dividend = 1 ton of CO2e avoided or removed

Since we calculated a total of 1.07 million tonnes of CO2 avoided , we are able to issue 1.07 million Climate Dividends in 2023. This is only on a part of our activity, the active mobility products, which represents 4.4% of Decathlon total turnover.

Climate Dividends provide us with a standardised and reliable indicator corresponding to the positive climate contribution to global carbon neutrality of a part of our activity, complementary to our carbon footprint and our emission reduction strategy.

All the details about Climate Dividends and the information about the issuance, verification and distribution process can be found on the website. All the 2023 claims are transparent and can be found here.

This 1st phase of the pilot is the first test, with several limitations; it serves to identify what must be clarified and progressively improved. We will continue to contribute to this exciting and ambitious collaborative initiative !