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The whole world seems to have embraced cycling...
As 2020 is an unprecedented year, could cycling become the best way to return to our roots? Our roots: one of the greatest inventions of humanity is the wheel, could the bicycle be its first

Through the following stories (around fifteen) from all over the world, we will witness the endless revival of cycling, with its simplicity, variety, beauty, cleverness, greatness. The best way to meet and reach the future of sports, our common and human future.

Cycling is still a hit

As the Tour de France is going to make an unexpected start, cycling could be a way to get back to our childhood.

Each one of us has a childhood memory of cycling, hidden deep inside oneself. Close your eyes… you are cycling for the first time a big boy bike… or: you are living the intense heat of a steep village slope… you are cycling fast towards an old city-state… Many nice sensations, delightful even remembering when you fell, scratched or burned yourself, those great memories we hold deep inside.

During the lockdown, this cycling enthusiasm came back: when a rented bicycle in the city takes us back to the wheatfield we crossed sprinting, in the silent and floodlit city we got through by night listening to the sound of our wheels... Did our grandparents feel this kind of liberation thanks to cycling? During the end of WW2, they sometimes went cycling on a honeymoon.

Bicycles are a reality today in our lives, our living spaces: a spinning wheel, helping us to discover again our freedom.

All along with this press file, you will discover a bicycle getting reinvented from Nairobi to Montréal, with a great deal of energy. It is biking, It is a BMX, it is a gravel. It is liberty, fairness, a new urban break. It can be a wild explorer, cross-country, urban, individual or collective but also electric, technological, monitored and connected, a unique piece, digital or romantic... it reaches us so close, repairing, delivering, getting around, being a champion…

Under all those identities, through time, between the past and the future, between technics, sensation, and poetry, cycling is nearby, everywhere, anytime, as its essence and simplicity offer a great deal of competence to reinvent itself.

Let's carry on cycling together, full speed, or at our own pace!


delivering, freelancer
and powerful cycling


passionate for mountain bike
and Zwift as a coach


inspiring equality
at Van Rysel


feeding his young pro
great dynamism


a huge passion


leading customers
to new paths


On two wheels,
great pleasure when people see you!


a heart-pounding partnership
between Zwift et Decathlon

Felix et Martin

the world turns
around cycling


connected biker,
green living indoor


german bike-trotter,
cycling in the USA

Chris et Rob

cycling Way of Life!


avid cyclist,
loves trains


taking pictures,
bike, Faso tour!


on Triban, Tuscany as a challenge
with gravel!


citizen cycling educator


so many rides
to live

Let's be