External communication according to Decathlon / Decathlon United

We provide information about Decathlon people – while never eclipsing our company.
We give it to anyone outside the business who needs it.
The information is honest and accurate, issued primarily to objective and constructive partners.

  • We believe...
    that the most important of all riches is People: so it follows that all our communication reflects the value our business places on Humanity, as well as our Purpose. This Purpose is conveyed by everyone: our Teammates, our Customers, our Neighbours, our Partners, etc., and related by their own experiences with our products and services.

  • We support...
    our Men and Women who, together, are driving forward a project for the benefit of sports enthusiasts in their area: our communication conveys and amplifies their actions and their words, honestly and openly.

  • We talk to...
    any “opinion multiplier” *, whether from the media, journalism, government/organisations/institutions, or individuals, always seeking to prioritise local contacts: our communication is aimed at them, and is designed to make their lives easier. We are opening our doors to these contacts, introducing them to our teams, our “do-ers”, attached to a particular store, a site, a city or a conurbation.

(*). The issue is very much one of multipliers and not leaders. In our eyes, Opinion Multipliers are local representatives who listen to those working in a particular area, and who put this into a more global perspective. Their role is therefore very different to that of an opinion “Leader”, who works for the national press and in information verticality, and is aligned with existing and predominant political, educational, social models.

Our duties

- Our Communication is Coherent, Constant and Consistent: it's directly linked to our actions; it follows a humanist ethos as well as our purpose; it focuses on substance: facts, people, products, etc. This is what makes our Communication so Concrete.

- Our communication shows Decathlon as it really is, authentically, acknowledging "our big frailties and our frail strengths", i.e. our solid, intangible foundations and our fantastic achievements (human, sporting and commercial ones), as well as our areas for improvement, where we've made progress, and our shortcomings.

- Our communication depicts our achievements, not the projects we want to succeed or those that haven't, and explains our changes: from countries to cities, from 7 pioneers to 100,000 "intra-preneurs", etc. It highlights our Value and our Values, as well as our eco-designed, affordably-priced signed products.

- Our communication creates, writes and/or shapes content – written and/or visual, traditional and/or digital content – and puts it on line for those who need it, via press releases or packs, infographics, portfolios, films, etc., and makes visible any content issued by our local teams and brands, etc.

- Our communication acknowledges our individuality and rejects journalistic fields that are not relevant, to explore all new media-based avenues. e.g.: there's no "country CEO" interview in a national publication; instead: "we caught up with a Leader of an urban centre and their teammates" with a regional radio, a local magazine, a blogger from the city or district.

- Our communication is designed and written by teammates in touch with the action: i.e. on the ground. Each of our teammates chooses a store, production site, logistics site, brand or Decathlon department linked to digital and innovation, where they work one full day a week, or one full week per month, detached from their communication tasks.

- Our communication supports all those who feel an urge to speak, whether they're spokespeople or employees!

- Our United communication formulates Decathlon United's strategy and shares it with as many people as possible and, alongside this, trains and supports all teams keen to take the debate outside of Decathlon. In theory, this means all teams, and 100,000 teammates.

- Yes to personalisation (telling stories via our Teammates), and No to getting ideas above your station! (no one player is bigger than the team).

Our messages
Our slogans

Best friend brand

- We'll take care of You: You, Teammate; You, Customer; You, manufacturing and business partner; You, Neighbour; You, Land and Sea

- We are your Trusted Brand, your Friendly Brand, and your Sports companion, and we really consider you to be our Best Friend, always taking you and your needs into account when designing the products we sell-rent-lend-recover, the services we offer you, and the relationship we guarantee to deliver...

More than ever before, we are fitness firts for everyone!

- We are One through Sport, and United by all its dimensions: we are Sportspeople.

Only Sport and Sport Only!

Our mission

- We are the spokespeople – or spokesvoices – of our 100,000 teammates and our millions of customers, in the sense that we are “speaking” their words.

- We are inclusive and open-minded, calling ourselves the One Blue Team, operating across a reference website, platform and hub, and related social media networks.

- Without delay, we help internal communication (“Be The Change”) to enact wisely - in the right timeframes - the messages conveying our purpose.

- We are the bond and the binding agent - the transmission belt - between opinion formers and our teammates – in both directions.

- We issue external representatives with the keys they need to talk directly to our "Artisans": innovators, entrepreneurs and managers, etc.

- We offer unique, shared and useful content. Often brief, always illustrated and inevitably didactic and necessarily clear

- We promote "Pax Decathlonia” through Sport

- We are a tool box for anyone who wants to speak or explain, and we make their words legible and visible to everyone via Decathlon-united.media

- We are there to serve Everyone: countries, cities, services, stores, brands, partners, etc.

- We are multilingual and pluricultural; we issue or promote (to those who want it) content in their own languages, even regional ones.

- We organise inclusive, sports-based press and media events that reflect who we are: based around sport, where our guests can play, participate, get changed in the changing rooms with us, trying out and testing products from our own brand ranges, etc.

- We support local power and make it visible. We make sure that what might possibly be seen as central, global power is invisible (we see no purpose in this).

- We speak to all sources of opinion, including individuals and those locally; bloggers, YouTubers, etc., if their favourite themes are sport as a sharing and shared exercise.

- We release our little bees and make their honey visible and accessible.

Our spirit