Some international
player secrets

Alexandra Jupiter is a professional
beach-volley player in the French team
"Equipe de France" with Aline Chamereau.
Copaya supports this world Top 30 team. To
stay in shape and keep her energy at the end
of lockdown Alexandra shares her secrets...

  • Waking up your muscles After a long lockdown period, I need to have a routine. To wake up my muscles nicely, I jog - 30 to 50 minutes - in the morning before breakfast. It is a nice way to start my day.
  • Extra food for breakfast With less physical activity than usual we burn fewer calories. I stopped starchy food and sugar as much as I could during the lockdown period. I only had a few of them for breakfast. I have proteins at the other meals, chicken, steaks, and red beans that brings good green proteins. And a lot of green vegetables. I will follow this kind of diet after the lockdown period.

  • Drink... to stop eating! It is a priority to drink water all day long. But as I spend less energy than usual I don't add any energy or recovery supplements or in it. It could be harmful. In the evening, I drink herbal teas. It stops me from snacking. When you are hungry for no reason it means you are thirsty. Drinking stops that kind of hunger.
  • Static core strength Let's avoid big moves they bring stiffness, they can break some fibers and strain your muscles. Static core strength is good for your back and the whole body. I lay down on the floor and face it, laying on my elbows, legs stretched, standing on my toes. I stay like this 45 to 60 seconds. 1-minute pause. I carry on on each side and stand on one elbow. Then I repeat this exercise 3 times 3 times a day.
  • Recovery After each effort, I need to recover. Meditation helps even only for 10 minutes. I do a few breathing exercises and I stretch. Many web sites offer that kind of short training sessions. You just follow a calm voice and soft music. This comes after the sessions on Decathlon Coach.
    Recovery helps to have a routine.
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