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Decathlon Group's 2022

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In 2022, Decathlon pursued its growth, with net sales reaching 15.4 billion euros.* 
It represents an annual increase of +12% compared to 2021. 
Digital sales accounted for 17% of the Group’s revenue, a sharp increase from pre-COVID-19 levels (8% in 2019). 
The Group’s net result continued to increase at € 923 million (€ 913 million in 2021).* 
In 2022, Decathlon accelerated its commitment towards the reduction of its carbon footprint and saw, for the first time, a decrease of its absolute carbon emissions (-1.5% vs 2021). 
In addition, 23% of products sold were ecodesigned (10% in 2021). 
Through its retail and production activities, Decathlon had a presence in 72 territories, globally, and had a workforce of nearly 105,000 teammates.

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Executive Officer of Decathlon, says: “Thanks to the commitment, determination and expertise of our teammates worldwide, Decathlon achieved a solid performance in a very unstable economical and geopolitcal context. 
In 2023, Decathlon will pursue its evolution to get more people to be moved by the wonders of sport, in respect with societies and the planet.
Decathlon unveiled at the end of 2022 its new long-term ambition aimed at allowing people, throughout the world, to benefit from the physical, emotional and societal benefits of sport. 
Building on Decathlon’s values of Vitality, Generosity, Responsibility and Authenticity, it symbolizes the mission of the Group’s 105,000 teammates worldwide. 
Because the practise of sport is universal, Decathlon aims at allowing people to practise sport on their own terms, whatever their level of practise, their physical condition or their objectives, and enjoy its benefits. 
This new ambition will be sustained in the next 4 years by 5 strategic pilars aimed at: 
- increasing the value proposition, by offering customers a whole new end-to-end experience; 
- becoming a leading force for a sustainable future with the emergence of new circular models and decarbonization of the Group’s activities, with a goal to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2050; 
- building a state-of-the-art omni value chain
- growing products excellence and accelerating Decathlon’s development in certain geographies; 
- fostering and accompanying teammates' development.

* Financial performance includes the impact of the suspension of our stores and eCommerce website operations in Russia, as announced on March 29th, 2022.




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