Yesterday sport... soon getting in shape again?

Start Tomorrow,

Here are local sports actions, clever and inventive as of now creating a more sustainable, fair, responsible world in which we believe. We share those collective and joyful examples as they inspire us for the future...

The time has come to take action everywhere and for everyone.

A brilliant invention from ancient Greece, the sport has never stopped evolving. For a long time, its logic was "higher, faster, stronger". It's only at the end of the '70s that sports became affordable for everyone and democratic. As a pioneer from its start in 1976, it has the willpower to make sports technical, smart, and affordable. Decathlon takes part in re-inventing sports, creating new possibilities in innovation and accessibility. And a leader must never stop inventing. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we need to rethink and renew the concept of sports. We want it to be more sustainable, collective, clever. More open, essential, conniving. Leaning more towards women, more responsible, inclusive. Projects and interventions emerge, take shape, and become real.

Sports are mutating, transmuting, here are some examples, inspiring, original, full of energy, and vitality. From imagination into action, most of us this moment would come! Anywhere, for all of us, the time to fall into action has come. Together, let's re-invent sports again and always...


Zahra is searching
for more equity

Montigny le bretonneux

Know-how and French elegance
with LeBRAM brand


Sustainable sports settle
in local life


Hikes co-created
with friendship


At the bottom of the Mont-Blanc,
products and nature
team up

Let's be

Let's reinvent sports together
and get in great shape!

During the lockdown, Decathlon's priority is to make sure his customers and teams are in good health. We feel the need to move, explore, build our future. Mainly, to rethink sports for all, to develop our own well-being, protect our health and good shape, and preserve our unique playground, the Earth. As Decathlon is committed to this action we ask questions. Since 1977, we follow the voice of our customers. Decathlon has always listened to them and has become an example for some of them.

But did our growth hide some of our imperfections, business, security, environmental weaknesses? Did our brand forgot its own values and took its position? Having success, but getting heavier and more rigid every day? Still listening to customers but self-centered. Friendly but boring. Responsive but not enough proactive… even a bit heavy?

June 2020 is different from July 1976 when the brand was created and march 2020 before the outbreak. This crisis has created a unique growth, a wave that needs more than our heaviness. We need to change our pace. And mainly get rid of our heavy load. As partners to stay in shape, let's give our society the power to move. We are useful, let's become essential. We are active, let's become activists. We are an active partner, let's become shape activists. With enthusiasm and optimism.

Let's rediscover Nature, preserving it while imagining and creating respectful activities, sustainable products for our well-being, the source, and motor of our meaning. Let's always play again, but more with others: breaking down barriers and widening our circle, inviting and uniting all partners of shape and innovation. Let's welcome everyone, even and mainly those who know more than we do.

Let's stay awake, connected to our environment, keeping a sharp conscience of the needs around us. As at Decathlon, we are closely connected to people we meet and focus on jobs we create, preserving, developing, the well-being of our open communities.

Tomorrow's world, the one we would like to be part of, we must look for it on faraway planets or simply understand this world is already there among us and on our side, in ourselves, with ourselves? We know how to make a change for ourselves. As a local store from the very beginning, Decathlon must stay the close brand, committed, nearly activist, a brand we trust to stay active and keep in shape our planet and its inhabitants. Through actions, interviews, and partnerships presented in this file, we would like to show you that we are committed to a true force and a great sense of reality.