Decathlon Coach is your coach nearby!

Sport helps to go through a hard time, practising a physical activity enables us to maintain physical activity in spite of adversity and to strengthen our immune system. In this respect, Decathlon Coach will offer you great support...

Thanks to the Decathlon Coach app you will clear your mind indoor or outdoor, breathe fresh air, whatever sport you practise, slowly or at a fast pace. Around the world, thousands of sportsmen and sportswomen have already chosen it for the last few months...
In the current lockdown situation, we are eager to feel again the freedom that sport offers. The need for sport has never been as high as nowadays: the pleasure of walking, cycling or practising team sport.

Decathlon is by your side to help whatever you need.

A Tailored Made App

To stay fit and reach your goals, we offer daily advice on videos and vocal feedback from well-known athletes. Whether you start a sport or you practise regularly you can discover training sessions to use your energy for a few weeks. Let's try sports with or without equipment: cardio fitness, boxing, pilates, soft gym, stretching, strengthening and bodybuilding.

Choose a training session or just open the app and follow your performance with your virtual coach and let him guide can also choose a 10 to 15 minutes daily routine!

All around the World

Decathlon Coach is a free app available in 157 countries and 8 different languages:
French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, English, German, Dutch...

  • Started using the DECATHLON coach app and it really made a huge difference on how I do my fitness routines everyday. What I loved about it are the challenges and the detailed instructions on how to do it. It made it easier for me to learn new ways on how to maximize and meet my fullest potential. Got to give 5 stars for it. Definitely recommend for you to try :)

    @mvdebelen, Philippines

  • I have never done sport in my life, not even running. I started this program at the age of 43 after a huge weight loss and I followed the sessions to the letter. After 4 weeks I got to run 30 minutes non stop! I cannot believe it!
    Now I am starting to run 45 minutes in 6 weeks and I am fully convinced that I am going to make it. Thanks!!

    Jara, Spain

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